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The PPC Philosophy


The promise of "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" is not poetry, but a fundamental statement of political philosophy upon which the United States Constitution and all laws are based.

Only free markets can produce personal wealth.  Efforts by government to create income, provide social employment or control the means of  production only create scarcity and economic hardship.

Government cannot produce freedom.  Rather, it is only an imperfect instrument by which conflicting freedoms are resolved.

Government must function with respect for individual political rights, economic freedoms, moral principles and established cultural values.

The right to private property is fundamental.  Government may not limit, devalue, confiscate nor deprive a citizen of the use of personal property without just cause, due process, the right of adjudication and a fair compensation.

It is the nature of government to assume unrelinquished power; impose unjustified restrictions; amass unearned fortune; and act without proper authority.  It is the obligation of all citizens to resist and repeal, through "eternal vigilance" and voluntary activity, those actions of government which transfer sovereignty from the people to an elite ruling class.

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