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Taiwan Caucus



The purpose of the China/Taiwan Caucus is the undertake a nationwide public education and communication to educate the American public and policy-makers on issues relating to The People's Republic of China and Taiwan in order to create a climate conducive to the peaceful reunification based on historic cultural and familial ties, and perceived best interest and desires of both peoples.


The China/Taiwan Caucus was established because of the importance of this issue to the American public.  The United States has long held a "one China" policy, accepting the relationship between mainland China and the island of Taiwan as a Chinese domestic issue.  The status quo is viewed as a temporary practicality until peaceful reunification can be achieved based on the will of the people on both sides.  Moves toward independence are not consistent with the historic relationship, post World War II treaties and the generally accepted world view.  Moves toward independence are not only in opposition to U.S. policy, but can destabilize the region of the world and undermine the improvement in relations between Beijing and Taipei that have evolved in recent years.


Following the Communist revolution of 1949, the former Chinese leadership consolidated control of the island of Taiwan.  As a policy of the Cold War, the United States agreed to defend Taiwan form  ilitary attack from the Communist government of Mainland China.  The policy of the U.S. was predicated on the real threat of military action at the time, and the strategic importance of a U.S. alley government in Taiwan during the Cold War.  This basic strategy stayed in place until February 21, 1972, when President Richard M. Nixon visited China.  In the 30 years since, the U.S. relationship between China gradually grew stronger.  China began a remarkable evolution from an isolated world power with a central planned economy to a nation integrated into global commerce with a series free market reforms.

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