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Committee of 100


The Committee of 100 (C100) is designed to generate the basic funding for PPC through large renewable contributions for dedicated supporters. Buy relying on a limited number (although 100 is not meant to be precise membership goal) of informed and motivated contributors, PPC can:

  • Keep fundraising costs to a minimum.
  • Provide stable funding and efficient support of administrative and caucus activities.
  • Create a small cadre of major donors rather than rely on high-overhead, time consuming small donor programs or subject PPC to the pitfalls of the single mega-donor.
  • Keep donors intimately involved.

C100 Donor Structure





Co-Chair (3) $ 10,000 $ 30,000
Vice Chair (5)   7,500   37,500
Executive Committee (12)   5,000   60,000
Finance Committee (25)   2,500   62,500
Board Member (55)   1,000   55,000
TOTAL     $ 245,000


All C100 contributors my attend invitation-only, high-level, off-the-record briefings by key influence leaders on critical topics of the day. Past guests have included Cabinet members, elected officials, candidates and public policy experts.

Additional C100 benefits include:

Co-Chair: Fee admission to events; one complimentary dinner table; host of VIP receptions.
Vice Chair: Free admission to events; four complimentary dinner tickets or price table.
Executive Committee: Three complimentary dinner tickets.
Finance Committee: Two complimentary dinner tickets.
Board Member: One complimentary dinner tickets.

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