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Achievement Awards


Timeless Truths Award

The Timeless Truths Award is presented annually to one individual whose work and accomplishments best exemplifies the basic concepts upon which the American republic is based.  These truths are best articulated in the American founding documents, and summarized eloquently as  the right to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."

Eternal Vigilance Award

The Eternal Vigilance Award is given to individuals or organizations that best exemplify Thomas Jefferson’s admonition that the price of freedom is “eternal vigilance.” It is awarded to those who labor to protect and advance public policies necessary to maintain our freedom, or effectively thwart individual and policies that would erode that freedom. The Eternal Vigilance Awards may be presented periodically, or in conjunction with a major PPC event.

Tammany Toad Award (Dubious Honors)

The Tammany Toad Award was named after the infamous New York political machine that was known as “Tammany Hall." The name, now synonymous with political hackery and corruption, alludes to the meeting place of the old political machine’s hierarchy and cronies. The Award is presented periodically by the Public Policy Caucuses in order to draw attention to public officials who subvert democratic principles, and whose actions place partisanship and personal political power ahead of the best interests of the taxpaying public.

The humanized Tammany Toad logo, with it bowler hat, vest, watch chain, cigar and pinky ring, evokes the image of the “ward heeler” popularized in the 19th Century cartoons of Thomas Nast. The toad, itself, refers the negative connotation of the expression “old toad” as a mild rebuke. The background imagery of the Award certificate adds another reference to old style corrupt politics with the photo image of Hinky Dink McKenna, a historic Chicago political figure who personified vice and corruption. McKenna’s partner in “crime,” Bathhouse John Coughlin is seated to the right, but cannot be seen since Tammany Toad is sitting on his face, an graphic consequence that is all too fitting.

The Tammany Toad image was created by, in is the intellectual property of, Thomas and Joyce, Inc. The use of the image and concept has been granted to various organizations in the past. It is currently granted exclusively to the Public Policy Caucuses, a citizen-based, public interest advocacy group.

If you have nominations for the Tammany Toad Award, please send them along. There is not special nomination process, nor panes of distinguished judges. If we think you have a winner, they we be presented the Award, and you may take public credit or request anonymity for your submission.

Silver Swine Award

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