Ideas have consequences ... and Public Policy Caucuses produces those consequences.

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About The PPC


"PPC makes a great contribution to the implementation of
public policy because it goes beyond the
limits of a think tank.  It is a do-tank."
Steve Forbes, Forbes Magazine

The Public Policy Caucuses is a nonpartisan citizen advocacy organization.  Its purpose is to promote public policies based on sound economic principles, free market philosophy, constitutional restraint, fiscal responsibility, tax limitation, basic cultural values, moral relevance and common sense.  The PPC is a citizens lobby, designed to bring together, in cooperative, spirit, the most dedicated, informed, articulate and influential citizens for the preservation of individual liberties, economic freedoms as originally envisioned and intended by the framers of the United States Constitution.  PPC draws upon individuals of varied political philosophies and does not endorse candidates or engages in political activities..

The PPC is committed to positive and productive advocacy  Its benchmarks are solid research, informed opinion, articulate debate, and professionalism.  The organization is dedicated to the advancement of innovative and workable solutions.  It is professionally managed by the public affairs and government relations firm of Thomas and Joyce, Inc.

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